Natasha Baobed



I’ve been overweight since teenager years. But I did do sports in school so I ate all the “good food” (by good, I mean unhealthy) without much worry. Diet has never been in my mind.

Things got from bad to worse since I started working in an office environment. My weight just dramatically increased. It was mostly due to not having any form of exercise and I was still eating more “good food” I felt lethargic, self conscious and worse of all, I feel like I am going through a mid life crisis when I am not even 30!

When I joined The Fitness Protocol and got to know David, this was the ‘push’ that I needed so badly and boy, David didn’t disappoint me. He lived up to the name: The Pain-Specialist. I felt good and motivated after each and every
workout session and I look forward to it every week.

I’m still have a long way to go, but now I know that I’m on that on the right rack. I’ve enough of the fads of dieting, the gimmicks that most of the slimming centers are putting out. There is no such things as a quick fix. David has been very honest about the progress and he said that I had to prepare for a life long journey and I now totally agree and understand.

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