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Kai Feng

Kai Feng

Change diet & exercise 3 times a week = lose 10kg weight over 6 months. It is such a simple equation. Why would anyone need to join The Fitness Protocol? My short answer is David Devito and the community.

I tried going it alone in 2011/2012. I was on the slow card diet for a year. For exercise, I tried to do 150 to 200 swings within 15 mins with a 20kg kettlebell as often as I could. The end result: I gave up on changing my diet and exercising because my weight fluctuated around my original weight and my muscles were super sore after each exercise.

I joined The Fitness Protocol in 2014 and it has been a different experience. Although I feel sore after exercising, I usually recover by the next session. This could be attributed to David’s emphasis on getting the form right over speed and/or strength. I am also more motivated to push myself as I am surrounded by friends who are keen to do the best that they can.

As for the diet, even though David advocates something similar to the slow card diet, my diet is much better than when I was going it alone. The reasons for the improvement are the accountability (i.e. tracking and posting of what I eat everyday in a closed Facebook group), seeing what others are eating, and David’s comments on what we eat.

I am still “work-in-progress” and I hope to be able to give an even better testimonial in months to come.

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