Desmond Ng

Desmond Ng

Desmond Ng

David Devito changed my life,…literally!

I have always been trying to lead an active life. I was the school captain in school and when I started work, I would hit the gym twice a week and I will always do a long run over the weekends.

However, despite all my exercise, I did not look lean at all! The real pissing point was when I told an acquaintance that I both weight train and run, and there was this look of disbelief and the remark,”You don’t look like you can run and how come you are still so fat!”

Then my sister recommended this guy and I was skeptical at first, but ‘WOW’,..David Devito is the Devil!

I have had many trainers in my life and he said he knows my body better than I do, you betcha!

He knows how to shock my body, works the different muscles group and I always feel that I had a great workout after every session.

What I like about this foul mouth, Guinness drinking trainer is that he is very particular about technique which translates into care for you and your body and injury prevention. THIS DEVIL DELIVERS RESULT!

I have lost more than 10kg, I feel fresher, a lot leaner and more alive and ready to take on the world. So stop giving yourself excuses, STFI and Join us!

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