Obstacle Training Booking

Select the kind of training you wish to attend and make your reservation using the following calendar.

We run several Obstacle Course related sessions during the week:
– Obstacle Technique Training (OTT) Fundamentals
– Obstacle Technique Training (OTT) Free & Easy
– Spear Throw Fundamentals
– Spear Throw Free & Easy

How It Works:

– For Obstacle newbies, you must attend a Fundamentals session (either Obstacle Technique Training or Spear Throw). Going through a Fundamentals session qualifies you to become a Fitness Protocol Obstacle (FPO) member. In order to be accepted as a member, you must pay a one-time $80 membership joining fee. This helps maintain the quality of our community. Once you join as an FPO member, you are eligible to participate in any of the Free & Easy (OTT or Spear Throw) sessions.

– For members, you are eligible to register and pay for any of the Free & Easy (both OTT and Spear Throw) training sessions.

Become a Fitness Protocol Obstacle Member
Click on this link to buy the membership

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