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We’re not just ANY gym. We sell transformations.



THE FITNESS PROTOCOL isn’t just any ordinary gym. We are an indoor training group with an emphasis on producing INSANE RESULTS and AMAZING TRANSFORMATIONS. Our methods combine functional fitness, resistance training and high-intensity interval training. We’re also super obsessed about correct nutrition.

The gym’s group training classes includes a wide range of workouts based on bodyweight, racks, kettlebells, dumbbells, jump boxes and much more to enhance metabolic conditioning and train your body to become a fat-burning machine.

“Our mission is to make you fit, strong, lean and healthy NOW so you can enjoy a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE LATER!




Meet David Devito

Founder of The Fitness Protocol and Singapore’s Undisputed Fat Loss Guru

David Devito has transformed people from all walks of life, with all different types of conditions, backgrounds and dietary restrictions. Under his training, there are no “miracle” machines, supplements or gimmicks. David is passionate about correct form and technique to ensure safe training without injury. He is also equally passionate about correct nutrition and food intake.

David sets and upholds the highest standards of functional fitness. Obsessive, competitive and an eagle eye for detail, he is constantly refining improvements to human body movement. A student of martial arts and master of sports for kettlebells, David sees the potential in all of us, what we could become and constantly pushing us towards that goal. The Fitness Protocol and its growing family of members are under his care and guidance.

David Devito never fails! He can transform you. Don’t believe it? Have a look at all our successful transformation stories.

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